Overview of the Pools

Overview of the Pools

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The Confidence Pool is where you pick all the games against the point spread with the addition of ranking your picks from 16 points to 1 point
– Correct picks against the spread earn the points you placed on them
– High points for the week wins
– Top 4 players in points win the Season
– Example Reports:
Weekly Standings
Season Standings

The Elimination Pools are survivor/king of the hill type pools.
– Pick one team a week to win their game straight up – no point spreads involved
– Win and move on to the next week
– You can only use a team once during the regular season
– Last one standing wins
– Two losses and out in the Double Elimination
– One loss and gone in the Single Elimination – The Single Elimination starts on week 9
– Example Reports:
Double Report
Single Report

Pick 5 Slate
– This is a Best Bet Pick’em pool. You pick 5 games each week from College and/or NFL games played Thursday through Monday
– You can pick all College, all NFL, or a mix of the two
– Point Spreads In Use
– You must win all 5 of your picks to win a week
– If there is no winner for a given week, the pool will rollover to the following week(s) until a winner(s) is declared
– The pool runs from NFL Week 1 through NFL Week 18

Note: Usernames will be used in all reports.