Overview of the Pools


Overview Of The Pools

The Confidence Pool is where you pick all the games against the point spread with the addition of ranking your picks from 16 points to 1 point.
– Correct picks against the spread earn the points you placed on them.
– High points for the week wins.
– Entry fee is $100 for the season
– Majority of the entry fees paid out to weekly winners (82%) with the remaining paid out to the top 4 season winners (18%)
– Weekly payout if 28 players are in the pool is $133
– Season payout to top 4 players in points
– Example Reports:
Weekly Standings
Season Standings

The Elimination Pools are survivor/king of the hill type pools.
– Pick one team a week to win their game straight up – no point spreads involved.
– Win and move on to the next week.
– You can only use a team once during the regular season.
– Last one standing wins the pot.
– Entry Fee is $20
– Two losses and out in the Double Elimination.
– Last year (2017) we had 62 people in the Double Elimination with a payout of $1178.
– One loss and gone in the Single Elimination – The Single Elimination starts on week 9.
– Example Reports:
Double Report
Single Report

Note: Usernames will be used in all reports.